“The Absconded Journal of Wall Grimm as Told by Hasty” 211: STRANGE TENDENCIES AND BURNT MARSHMALLOWS

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When I meet someone for the first time I can be a bit much to handle; or as my husband would say, I am obnoxious. I’ve always considered myself an introvert because meeting people, or being around people in general, makes me anxious. However, ask anyone I know and they will all tell you I have an extrovert’s personality. I am flirty as a natural response to men and woman and I am a hugger.  Chances are if I am at a party then alcohol has been consumed because it makes it easier for me to be social.  I am also likely to give you a big kiss because I like kisses.  For the record, Grimm has forbidden me to kiss Bogart.  I am not the most appropriate person either because I might even try to show you my penis; which, of course, I don’t have, but the look on…

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“The Absconded Journal of Wall Grimm as Told by Hasty” 210: Grade School Cooties and Face Lickers

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I like to be silly and have fun.  I don’t much care what other people think about me or the things I do because I really try to do all things with a kind heart.  I feel like this is why Grimm and I get each other because he has a very kind heart.  Sometimes silly likes to masquerade as crazy and if you didn’t know a person is just silly you might think  they are crazy.  Or maybe that’s just me trying to rationalize why so many say I am crazy.

My point is, I think, that many times silly gets misinterpreted.  I’ve had a lot of people think I’m crazy so I’m not going to jump to any conclusions with Bogart.  Grimm told me about Bogart but I guess I’m more inclined to treat him as silly more than crazy.  Ok, I am rambling so I will get…

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“The Absconded Journal of Wall Grimm as Told by Hasty” 209: Bogart And His Man Panties Full Of Nuts

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Grimm has been so busy with school, mentoring Bogart, and being a good boyfriend to his new girlfriend that he has been struggling to find time to write. Last night he also confessed how much he missed writing in his journal and I knew I wanted to help him out. My name is Hasty and since he doesn’t have time to write I thought I would write a few journal entries for him.

Grimm and I met a year and a half ago at a gay bar. We both had blue hair and we were both flirty but not in a naughty way. He doesn’t realize how much I needed to have a good night that night and how he probably saved my life. Some things are better left in the past but needless to say I love Grimm. He is one of those friends I know will always be…

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I, Hasty, have kidnapped Sage Doyle.

It took a bit of chloroform and maybe some straps and a gurney convincing but he finally gave me his sacred blog passwords.

The truth is Sage was sick, then he was busy trying to catch up, and then his computer got sick and died. He is currently trying to revive his computer which is why he has been missing.

He was really hoping to return to the Grimm world by now but I decided to kidnap him and Grimm’s world to give him a bit more time.

Don’t worry I will let him go eventually because I miss his writing and his stories just like all of you do.  Please remember I am not a writer or a storyteller like Sage is, so be gentle with me.

In the meantime,  let’s see what kind of trouble Hasty, an ongoing character in The Journal…

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Damn I Was Sick

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I was sick for about 2 weeks.  The past several days I’ve been aiming to return to Grimm’s world, but as I have so much to catch up on in terms of comments, follows, likes, emails, Twitter, and Facebook, I’m thinking I want to take a little time to do all of that before I begin blogging again.  Otherwise, it will be overwhelming to blog and catch up simultaneously.

I know you’ve heard one excuse after another from me for a few months with my extended vacation, the work on my novel, and then once I finally returned I got really sick.  I haven’t checked any of my social media for a few weeks and I have to say it’s amazing to come back to see that even in my absence people have been coming by.  I’m very honored.  I’m also impressed by your patience and dedication, and I appreciate it deeply.

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Where I am Now

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I was finally catching up in the blog/social media world when things got a little crazy last week.  Errands and appointments and responsibilities took much of my spare time, as it happens in the non-cyber world.  Then, as Saturday was approaching and I was anticipating that I would write a Grimm, I woke up very sick.  I’ve been kind of a foggy-headed laid up invalid since then.  It hit me hard.  Anyway, I’ll be back sometime this week to resume writing and attempt once again to catch up on things.

Thanks for your patience!



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“In Difference”


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It is natural but I hate it
this process and passing
as I sit by and watch
forced to allow its course
I want to cease it
perhaps to slow it down
I must deceive it
the worst of what is yet to come
and every day I notice more
and can do nothing
every day I say goodbye
yet cannot let go
Then I foresee years ahead
after all has happened
as the mystery of this time
foreshadows what lies before me
and I grieve what I see
regretting what is possible
although this end I can alter
for in truth if one is willing
there is the chance to change direction
there is the hope to begin again
however the purpose might oppose me
fighting is all I need to do
as I embark upon another course
emerging a better difference
though still I am burdened with inability
amidst my struggle to learn how

“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 208: The Drunken Maiden’s Morning After

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October 2, 2014

I realize I never finished my story about the drunken maiden.  It’s not a big deal or an amazing story, I just want to finish it because it includes an important message I want to convey to myself.  I guess I left off with how I stayed up all night with her while she was puking.  Then we both fell asleep on the bathroom floor.  When I woke I carried her to my room and put her in my bed, then I went to sleep in Pete’s room because he was getting up.  The story continues with the next day.

So Pete had gone off for the day and Cola was in her room/studio painting, sculpting, whatever piece of art she was working on.  It was a Sunday so I had to work later, but once Bogart and I were up, we went out back.  I was…

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“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 207: Brief Boringness, Undulating Brain Waves, and Grimm’s Philosophy of Attraction

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September 27, 2014

Yeah I’ve been a neglectful journal guardian. That’s just the way it is. Been busy. This is my college schedule for my second semester back:

Research Design and Analysis I Tues and Thurs 8 – 9:15

Cognition Tues and Thurs 2 – 3:15

Psych Testing Tues and Thurs 12 – 1:15

Psych of Personality Mon and Fri 8 – 9:15

Group Dynamics SAT 8 – 4

As you can see, Tuesdays and Thursdays are my full days. Monday and Friday I only have the one early class, so I work and I can still go to Blues Monday. I have Wednesdays off, so I don’t work either, that way I have one day off per week. Saturday is my biggest day, but group dynamics is pretty interesting. So that’s my school schedule, then I have Blues Monday, then I work Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun. And I am supervising or in a less degrading…

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The worth of these remembrances
brings this world to a close
immaculate and cold within
breasted by time
all corrupt about and forced
amidst an all consuming vagrancy
this world you love and loathe
to call your home
It is not all that has been denied
by the cast of crafted intention
your concubine of wisdom
as you are encumbered by these thoughts
of those forgotten ghosts
when once I had been a renegade
and now have become this man
bartered with intention
and candid with the touch
of simple words

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