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Homeschooling and the Internet

Homeschooling by means of the Internet is not at all a new thing in this modern technologically developed world. Today there are plenty of students who satisfy their education through homeschooling by the help of internet. There are lots of positives and scopes with the homeschooling through internet. Homeschooling is officially permitted in almost all the countries for the reason that they can be connected with the regular curriculum that every students follow in schools by means of internet. Statistics depict that home schooled children over and over again score very highly on regular tests and other measures of academic performance. Homeschooling allows home education.

What is Homeschooling?

In general terms homeschooling is the method to educate children at home in place of sending them to a school. Homeschooling is the learning of children at home, usually by parents or by tutors, rather than in other recognized settings of public or private school. It is far and wide measured that Homeschooling may also be an aspect in the option of parenting style in this modern world where parents and children can easily access to curriculum requirements by means of internet.

Why Families choose homeschooling?       

There are a few reasons why families choose to decide to teach their kids from home. Families choose to home school for a mixture of reasons such as;

  • Discontent with the educational choices available.
  • Diverse religious beliefs or educational viewpoints.
  • The conviction that children are not making progress inside the traditional school structure.
  • A lot of parents observe homeschooling as an alternative educational option.
  • Parents consider that home education is a superb way to stay near to their children while assisting them to develop into well-formed adolescents and adults.
  • The world of internet allows many of the parents to choose homeschooling rather than sending their kids to schools.

The good worth of Homeschooling in the Internet Age

It is spot on that the children always prefer to be active in internet. There are plenty of merits when the children and families go after homeschooling such as;

  • Education at home

One of the primary advantages of homeschooling is that it offers education at home. Homeschooling provides you a safe home base to learn at the same time by looking at the people and places around you. Education at home can in fact promote a lifetime love of learning.

  • Perfect Solution

Homeschooling is in actual fact a perfect solution to the best part of problems that children face in schools. It can be seen that children used to face a plenty of issues in school including bullying, ragging, enmity with fellow students, beatings, and hostile attitude in studying among the students. Homeschooling is also the perfect reply to budgetary problems.

  • Can avoid strict school system

Homeschooling is an ideal way for the children to keep away from strict school system. If you going to school, then you are required to have a uniform, to reach school on time, leave school on time, and follow the rules and regulations prescribed by the school authorities.

Homeschooling and the Internet

The world of internet not only provides entertainment to the children but educational information as well. The need as well as the role of internet is very huge in the option of homeschooling. Some of the roles that the internet plays in making homeschooling effective include;

  • Internet can provide students all the details regarding their studies especially information with regard to their different subjects and study maters.
  • You can access the majority of the reference information you will require, both for your learning process, and for you to plan and carry out your home school.
  • Students can clarify their doubts my searching in internet.
  • Internet can provide all the details that the children looking for their effective learning.
  • Homeschooling permit children to study helpful computer skills that they will require right through their life.
  • Online course gives coaching and practice in the expansion of basic skills and knowledge essential for college-bound students.

Why choose Internet Home School?

Children can choose homeschooling for plenty of reasons such as;

    • Start Anytime, At Any Level
    • Self Paced education
    • Affordable and low cost to study
    • Personalized Instruction
    • Can have contact and coaching with teacher through online by being at home.
    • Can attend Elementary, Middle, and High School while you are at home

Author Bio

Janet Adams is an experienced writer who is expert in thesis writing companies in USA for the graduate students. Janet, by her excellent writings, is looking as one of the best writers and she has been got good feedbacks for her outstanding works. Janet has been set up a Master Degree in educational science from a reputed university and knows the students psychology on academics that what they actually need and their expectations as well. It can be seen by her creativity and that is what makes Janet the key writer for educational purpose. One who needs a unique as well as quality writings is good to hire Janet. She is very friendly as well.

AMON-RE – 40

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“The will is the tool of the understanding, which must fashion its conclusions on the notices of sense. If
the sense be depraved, it is impossible to calculate the evils that may flow from the consequent deductions
of the understanding.”

Wieland or The Transformation
Charles Brockden Brown



Oliver Twist.  I went to the library in the small city, I don’t remember when and took out Oliver Twist to read again as well as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, which I’ve never read.  Perhaps I’m trying to capture lost boyhood.  There has never been enough time to read all the books.  I like this line from ol’ Verne’s story, “nature did not make fools” cited from the very beginning.  I’ve read only as far as when Anorax receives the letter inviting him to take part on the journey…

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April 21, 2014

Cola went away for the weekend to visit her family in The Berkshires.  She had to go as a man because they have no idea she’s transgendered.  That wicked sucks, I think, that people have to hide like that from their own family because they know they won’t be accepted if they’re open.  I feel very fortunate to have my parents.  I’m grateful for them every day.  I know that I could tell them anything and they would support me.  Unless I was a serial killer or something, then I think they’d want me in prison.  Or at least I’d hope they would.  Anyway, so Cola was gone for the weekend.  I visited Bogart on Saturday and brought him a chocolate bunny even though sugar makes him hyper.  He never gets chocolate and he loves it.  I got him one of the Lindt bunnies, they’re so freakin’…

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John hears a knock at his apartment door.  Someone must have let someone in as they were going out.  He wishes the other tenants would stop doing that.  It defeats the purpose of a security system.

He looks through the peephole then opens the door to see an Amon-Re that appears to have lived for centuries, with filmy sweat that looks like transparent skin melting off his face.  He has chewed his fingernails so far down they are bleeding.  He gnawed layers of his skin off his left finger tips, which are raw and bleeding as well.  His eyes are weathered and sunken into two dark caves.  Bruises and unhealed wounds from roughly a week ago corrupt his face.  A cut around his neck looks infected and the fingers on his right hand are wrapped with cardboard and duct tape.  John sees a tired Amon, disfeatured by…

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I was talking with Howard and he said that he and Daisy have been discussing moving.  He said he hates to face up to the fact that they’re getting older and it would be best for them if they weren’t so rural and didn’t have a house to maintain.  So they’ve begun to consider living in a 55+ housing type situation.  I felt really bad at first because I thought maybe I wasn’t helping around the house enough, so I offered to do more, and I also offered money.  I’ve got a good stash going now since I’m working a lot and I really don’t have much to spend my money on.  I buy food for me and Gary Oldman (II) and get Dunkin Donuts coffee sometimes.  Cigarettes are my huge expense, so I’ve decided to quit.  I tried but it makes me kind of an irritable…

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THIRTY-EIGHT continued

“What happened to you baby?”

“I’m in a mess.  I need your help.”

“What.”  Simone says sternly.

“I need some shit and I was wondering if I could get some from your boyfriend.”

“Uh-uh.  No, Re.  No.”

“But I need some shit Simone, just enough until I get to the city.  You have to do this.”

“I don’t have to do anything.”

“You don’t understand, after I clear this mess up, I’m quitting everything that has to do with drugs.”

“You say that now.”

“It’s true.  A young woman I know is going to help me.  But I can’t do shit until I’ve got this debt paid off and I can’t get to the city without some shit.  Fuck!”  Amon-Re kicks the wall.  “It hurts Simone.  I just need the pain to stop, just until I get to the city.”

“I’m sorry…

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On Thursday morning it was a challenge to wake Cola, but once I did, she began a morning ritual that I had no time for.  She went to bed looking like a man, no wig, no makeup, and I loaned her something to sleep in.  She woke up looking like a man and it’s a process for her to transform.  I understand that, but I didn’t have time, so I had to leave.  I told her I’d tell Howard she was there and when she was ready she could go up and get coffee or something, and that she could stay there if she wanted.  I’d come home between school and work to get her or if she needed to go somewhere, I left her money for a taxi.  But when I got home, she was still there.  I went and talked to Howard and he said…

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AMON-RE – 37

Originally posted on "The Journal of Wall Grimm":


a novel by Wall Grimm



A week and a half later and Amon-Re remains in hibernation.  Chloe has come to his apartment three times.  Amon has been under the delusion that it has been several more times than that.  At first when he’d hear her come to the door it would anguish him to deny her.  He’d tell himself that he was shit and shouldn’t fuck up her world selfishly, he ought to leave her alone, remembering how a long time ago he decided that he wasn’t a strong enough person to give any part of himself to a woman without destroying her in the process.  Confirming the verity in that, he ignores her presence, her knocks and calls at the door, which culminate into another harrowing symphony.

Amon-Re hangs out on his roof with whiskey.  His face is newly shaved because beards make his face itchy when they grow too much and he…

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Please Help My Friend Win a Scholarship!


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A friend of mine has been an unemployed math teacher for a few years.  He has his B.A. and is certified to teach math, English, and theatre.  He currently subs and tutors.  All the parents of the students he works with praise his teaching abilities.  The students all pass their classes and testing after working with him.  He has struggled financially and has a family to support, so he has taken various temporary and part time jobs along with the tutoring and subbing.  The teaching jobs he was able to acquire in the past included working with juvenile criminals or extreme special needs, yet since he doesn’t have a Special Ed certification, he was not able to stay on, despite his exceptional ability to individualize and reach each student.  One obstacle he faces is that he does not have his Master’s.  He can’t get his Master’s without a job to get a loan.  And he can’t get a job unless he has his Master’s.  This has been going on for three years.

As a tutor for WyzAnt, he has an opportunity to win a $10,000 scholarship to get his degree.  Popular vote can help him to win this scholarship.

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If you could go to the link and vote for my essay, that would be great!  Perhaps mine would be one of the ten chosen based on its merit, but if it is one of the ten chosen for its popularity than your help can make a difference!

“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 177: Cola and the Caballero

Originally posted on "The Journal of Wall Grimm":

April 10, 2014

I worked all day yesterday and last night until close.  I went outside for a break to have a butt and I saw a transvestite standing across the street waiting for a bus.  Two guys walked by and scoffed, laughed, and once they were about ten feet away, they shouted, “Freak!”

That pissed me off.  I’m really opposed to discrimination of any kind.  Well, except for scumbags who hurt children or animals.  I openly discriminate against them and support the ostracization and scrutiny of them.  Anyway, I started to cross the street towards them, and yelled, “Hey!”  They stopped and turned.  I said, “what did you just fucking say?”

“Chill out, dude, we weren’t talking to you.”

I said, no shit, and called them assholes and said they’d better apologize to her or once I beat them to their knees they’ll have to apologize to the both…

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