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There will be anywhere from 12-18 posts total, depending upon how long I make each one.  During which time, feel free to comment about what you think may be happening or could possibly happen next.  Once the final post is made, there are any number of possibilities for interaction, whether people continue the story here or on other blogs, or simply post ideas.  Just keep me in the loop because it will be amazing to witness the process and see what people come up with.  This isn’t a contest, or a venue where anyone will be critiqued or judged.  Neither is it a writers only kind of thing.  You don’t need to be a writer to have great ideas, so please join in.  I just love to play with words and am inviting others to play with me.

Lastly, for those who may not like this storyline, I have other partial stories we can play with, once I know people are paying attention ;)  They are much shorter, anywhere from a paragraph to a page or two.  Some are only ideas.  If no one participates, no big deal, at least I’m having a blast!