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I will be involved in some activities that will keep me away from technology on Monday August 13th through Thursday 16th.  I won’t be posting here, and I won’t be following any comments etc.  Bad timing, I know.  So if anyone is interested in giving me some feed back, I’d like to offer those who are following “Fay” a choice.


1.  The second to last post goes up on Sunday August 12th.  The final post will then go up on Friday August 17th.  This will allow me to follow along with the interactive bit, if anyone happens to be planning to take me up on that.

2.  The final post will go up on Sunday 12th.  This will leave no gap in postings, and I will just catch up when I am consumed by the technological world again.

If no one responds with a choice in mind, or if there needs to be a tie breaker, I’m going with Choice 1.  That way I can continue posting throughout the process and be a part of it.  Also, if no one participates, then… well I don’t know but at least I’ll be around to figure it out ;)