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I would never wish to take possession
of a person in my company
or devour one's right to embark 
upon free will
in such cases
when there is nothing mutual
my company need not apologize
for something where there is no wrong
There is often a waste of words
when emotion becomes a dictator
and thought is frivolous
though often when my own words
seem to exploit me
and I speak without any thought
there is apprehension and doubt
Thus to have company might be reassuring
that I myself will have done nothing wrong
and they speak themselves at their own whimsy
often neglecting or denying me their presence when I need them
words too are valuable company
words themselves are not possessions
only subtle clues to each our own experience
and I have no forethought about time
no recognition of the proper moment
when they ought to express their truth
or leave me in silence
there is nothing to forgive
the lack of forethought is contrary to motive
as thought is frivolous
and too often my own words betray me
this I understand as I am also free