Sometimes it’s difficult to feel patriotic, especially the smarter or more aware you get.  Or perhaps it becomes difficult when life is really hard and you feel like your government is misrepresenting you.  I’m not a a very politically minded person; even Thoreau was more political than I am.  So this isn’t about politics for me, it’s more about patriotism.  It’s ok for everyone to feel patriotic about their own countries.  That is beautiful and they should feel that way.  It doesn’t mean that each person’s patriotism should serve as a barrier, rather it should be more like a welcome mat.  I love my home, welcome, visit, stay a while, as long as you like, make it your own.  Anyway the real point of this is to share this link by Madison Rising.  I never realized how powerful the Star Spangled Banner could really be.  I’ve had my moments when the song touched me, and gave me a sense of feeling proud to be a United States citizen.  But these guys made the song something beyond what I could ever have imagined.  It is the most amazing rendition I have ever seen.  I think, even if the US is not your country, I think you will find a passion and a beauty in this version that is undeniable.  Please take a moment to look at it, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks!  Sage