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She cries because of who she is
She laughs and does not recognize her tears
She mourns the forgotten ones
and her moaning echoes that of the wild
Her feet bleed as she moves on
her fingertips drip of sweat
her eyes blind themselves when they choose to see no more
She believes everyone needs to be blind now and then
Her rhythm is that of a cello
Her stride is deep and heavy
yet quite often, she stumbles
not so often, she falls
She believes everyone needs to stay down now and then
Often she will stand quietly
Not so often she stays down
And she learns from this isolation
Though mostly she grows from the longing
that which is never fulfilled
So she conditions herself for the future
preparing for the ache of her wisdom
too insightful to know her own presence
too ignorant to grab hold
She whispers to the earthed ones
and she knows they listen
They listen to her cries
they hear every reflection of her laughter
wondering who
and why
though it is throughout all these misgivings
that she chooses to create
yet wishes to be free now and then
where she believes we all choose
to bloody our feet
to bloody our souls
For we cannot change what we cannot see
and we cannot hope if we are ignorant
She hates for all this ignorance that she is a part of
She hates for her echoes which are bloody but not raw
for when she cries
she recognizes only their tears
whose starvation feeds us
yet we only see the direction we face
She is one who walks and hears and sees
She is one who cries and laughs 
and cries because of her laughter
and laughs because of her tears
She is one of those whose own voice
is a most vile companiion
deceiving her though often still
Yet for all that she does, she has done as much of nothing
as anyone else
She cannot trace her bloody footprints
She cannot erase the soul of the cello
whose rhythm is quite itself
yet often accompaniment is soothing
And she cannot blind one who could never see
or bring sight to one who was never blind
Yet she finds the tongues of the world to speak the same words
when one chooses to listen
And within all this she hears music
a moaning and a melody
a soft dark wind
So she listens
and she chooses to dance