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There was that one moment
when I breathed the breath of the trees
and my feet sunk into the mud
devoured by moss
wishing the leeches would drink my blood
wanting the willow to shade my epitaph
its roots would drink me

There was that moment
when there was only my consumption
as a glutton I was never satiated
needing more and more to fill that which should not be empty
but I was the one who called for the witness
made the vows I could not keep
only to bring about my own redemption
and the earth could not feed me

There was a moment 
I was without wind
I was without serenity
I went to seek that which I left behind
wanting to be inside the tree
where the ants and termites would devour me
my skull made hollow by the woodpecker
my innards the insulated dominion of the hibernaters

I remember running
I was immersed in virtue and will
I was endowed with three souls
I remember fleeing and begging for my life
I remember justifying my choices
but only the ghastly voice could explain
with a sonorous wailing one would not hear

I mourned, I mourned
I mourned for the wind to blow again
I mourned for the trees to grow again
I begged for the fruit to be ripe again
but I did not know, I have no control over such things
please help them, please end this, turn things around
I wish I was something faultless
yet my blood is stale, polluted and poisoned
and death has itself become unnatural

Still I run
not from anything, but onward, towards that which I seek
a part of myself within all these moments
a man, a mask, a fear of loss and faith
where I am but the bark
and the animals sink their claws into me
my sap the tears of my release
as I am breathing the breath of trees