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What the fuck do you want from me
that isn't conditional?
You give and give and give only so you can take,
imposing unspoken expectations of me;
It is a perpetual game
I can only sense
I sense and guess, I reflect
then I move on, because you make things tedious.

Your wiles and devices explore my insight,
prompting my perplexity;
I haven't asked for this
and when I remain composed, unswayed
one way or the other
but maintained, same as always
you decide you want more without asking
and your generosity becomes conditional
yet again.

You misrepresent me, display me as your toy,
offering impressions I have no control over;
I am not yours, my identity is not yours to manipulate
or control,
My name is not yours to place an imprint upon.

Stop playing these fucking games!
You confuse me, devise me, use me
place expectations upon me beyond my awareness
and I can never meet what I am clueless of;
Your games and manipulations only push me away
and in the end,
as you were once my friend,
I will have naught to do with you.