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She offered me a cigarette so I told her I quit
but I accepted anyway
and she brought the flame to light it
I offered her a swig of a freshly opened bottle
burning scotch
ahhhh, a bottle just for me
She offered me a swig as well
She said, "You probably don't want to drink from the same bottle as me"
I said, "Why, is your sadness contagious, if so, I'm already infected"
so we drank
She told me she will exist more positively as a memory
rather than a living person
Then she confessed that I reminded her of herself
My sense gave me no alternative
but to agree
She passed the bottle back to me
it was the best cigarette I have ever smoked
all the while, I was drowning
in her absorbing blue eyes
all the while, we drowned together
within the pool of our sadness
the cigarette smoke encircled us
the scotch burned our insides but good
ahhhh, a bottle just for us