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The following poem I wrote with a friend of mine, long long ago.  She and I wrote it for a friend of ours who was struggling with addiction.  We alternated lines, but we didn’t know what each other was writing.  We followed the theme of the title.  We only told each other what the last word of each line was so we could make it rhyme.  I wrote lines 1,4, 5, 8, 9, 12, & 13.  My friend wrote lines 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, & 14.  Our friend that we wrote this about has since died, but she loved this poem and always hoped it would inspire her to be strong and overcome the challenge of her addiction.  This is dedicated to her, we will always love and miss her.

Dark fire woman rising in the East
Her spirit will guide you, she is the strongest of the beasts.
You can look within yourself to feel her love,
create all the magick you are free to dream of.
Clear your mind with the wind, let yourself be,
your life is ever changing, like each leaf on a tree.
Let go of your fears, like a bird you will soar,
an eagle takes flight from the spirit's door.
Wisdom water, sacred womb births the woman wild,
play on a swing in the moonlight like an innocent child.
When night time falls, look for her shooting star,
Northern guardians dance on the earth that you are.
Awake and hear the whispers of the phoenix within,
take care of your spirit, it's never too late to begin.