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Thank you to all my readers, followers, and those that simply stop by!  For those who don’t know me, occasionally I will have an update to what’s going on with my blog, usually when I feel I have something to communicate to everyone.  My “Sort Of Blog” is fiction and poetry, and sporadic, random other things that happen now and again. Below I will describe what’s going on with everything.  Please know that I love comments and feedback.  Also you can email me with any questions or concerns. sagedoyle@yahoo.com

INTERACTIVE OPPORTUNITIES“The Journal of Wall Grimm” and my poetry have interactive possibilities.  For Grimm – if you want to be or create a character in Grimm’s world, just let me know on a post or in an email about your character, a name, age, how you want the character to interact with Grimm, etc. and I will write that character in.  I will include a mention about you at the bottom of the post with a link to your social media sites.  Or you can opt out of the publicity and remain anonymous.  The character will end up in the character directory also, with or without mention of you depending upon your choice.

For poetry – if you want me to write a poem based on the theme of your choice, that’s a fun challenge for me, and I will attempt it and mention you as described above.

“FAYIs a story I started posting when I first began my blog July 30, 2012.  It’s an old story, never edited, never finished.  I first was offering for there to be an interactive opportunity for other bloggers to write it with me, but it seems I was wanted to finish the story myself, so I’ve removed the interactive element.  I’ve gotten some new followers since then, so I’ve decided to repost from the beginning.  Currently there are 21 posts, today we’re at post 9.  Once I get to 22, the posts will fall on Saturdays and will only be put up weekly, since I will be posting them as a write at that point.  I created an index page http://wp.me/P2DnTA-ko in order to access the posts easily rather than having to dig through the archives. One question I have if anyone can help me:  I’m using the shortlinks which work, but once I repost, the shortlinks bring you to a page that says “Not Found” and the post isn’t available through that link for half a day, it works later.  This is new, my shortlinks used to work after reposting, now they temporarily don’t, which is frustrating.  So until I figure out what to do, I’ll have to use the longer url.  If anyone knows how I can fix that please let me know.  Last thing, I apologize to anyone who’s been following “Fay” up to post 21 then I started over.  Thanks for being patient!

“THE JOURNAL OF WALL GRIMM”I created a page for Grimm too http://wp.me/P2DnTA-km it includes a character directory and a post index.  The characters are briefly described and I list the posts they’re mentioned in, even if it’s only a brief mention.  If a post is by their name, it doesn’t mean a post is about them.  Grimm is a story written in journal format, and it doesn’t need to be read with any sort of dedication or sequence to enjoy the individual posts.  Sometimes you may feel the need to look back to know about people or what’s going on, but you can always comment to me and ask what you missed.  I will fill you in so you don’t have to hunt around for the information.  Grimm gets published every other day.

POETRY – My poetry gets published daily.  Once per week I republish an old poem from my archives.  Eventually maybe I’ll develop a Poetry Index as well, but that’s a project far in the future.

BOOK PROMO – My friend http://andro53.wordpress.com/ is promoting his friend’s book and so I’m including the link here to give you all the opportunity to check out and vote on.  The book is called Mantra for a Muse and it’s written by Red Dwyer:


That’s all for now.  Please let me know if you have questions or concerns or…anything at all, I’d love to hear from you! @sagedoyle sagedoyle@yahoo.com

Thanks again,