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The nurses untie me and remove my clothing with such a swiftness as to avoid getting bitten themselves.  They bond my hands again and drag me off.  I wiggle and squirm and try to kick the ants from my feet as I keep the pace of the nurses.  They are still crawling about my body, biting me.  They lurk about my ears and neck, biting, yet worse, they are on my genitals, biting.  I can’t scream or they will go into my mouth.  I can’t open my eyes to see where the masks lead me, because the ants may migrate there.  i shake my head, move my body, but there is no getting them off.

Finally, I am tossed unbalanced into a large tub of hot water.  Not scalding, but hot enough to turn my skin red on impact.  I gather balance and hop out.  There remain some ants, so I am dragged to an open shower, pushed under the head and the women wash me, cleaning me off from the fourteen days plus that I was in my concrete cell, evacuating the ants from my body.  Janus stands across from us with the dog not far behind him, just watching.

I am dried, blindfolded, and led somewhere else.  I am outside.  There is grass under my feet, fresh air at my nose, the sun is hot on my naked body.  I smell roses and I hear birds.

Everyone has there own perception about what freedom is.  For me, this is freedom.  I am outside.  There is fresh air.  All my senses, sans sight, are rejuvenated.  This is freedom for me now.

The women release their hold on me and strangely enough I think I am alone.  But where?  Am I in someone’s front yard?  What game is this?  That is what I must keep in mind, the fact that they are playing with me, getting their kicks, so this must be a part of the game.

I will stand here and wait.

to be continued…