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The following illustration was created by Shree at http://heartsongsblog.wordpress.com/

Shree requested that I write a poem based on the image, which was a fun endeavor.  Thanks Shree!

He stands amidst the younger growth
a wise and agéd arborous bloke
on the hillside in a realm few can see
resides the elder of all the trees

He is both the Green Man and the Tree of Life
he is a garden amidst all the strife
where one may sit or quietly pause
or reflect upon a worldly cause

His roots reach down into the earth
enwrapping the core, a burning hearth
his branches extend beyond the veil
where our vision strains to no avail

We may use his shade to read a book
and never recognize, but overlook
the ancient soul we rest beside
a guardian spirit, a spirit guide

Perhaps it isn't this one famed oak
with foliage a vibrant and noble cloak
perhaps within each and every tree
resides an ancient soul, a mystery