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Ok, when http://mentalnotes1.wordpress.com/ nominated me for the Prolific Blogger Award, she added a most complex rule which I honestly didn’t think I could do, and I nearly caved without trying.  However, I didn’t want to give in to the challenge.  I just had to do it…so I did.  The rule was for me to write a poem incorporating all the other blogs she nominated, which was a total of 13 blogs.  What came out of the challenge is the poem below. When you read the poem 95 – 98 % of the words are the titles and subtitles of the blogs themselves (not real math but a pretty damn close estimate).  I only added a couple words here and there to make it flow.  After each line or lines that the title and subtitle appear in, is the link to that blog.  And the poem goes on as such, and I think it came out pretty cool.  I can’t really take much writing credit at all, only creative organization.  Thanks http://mentalnotes1.wordpress.com/ for the challenge, this was a brilliant challenge!

If my soul could speak http://ifmysoulcouldspeak.wordpress.com/
it would be lyrical anarchy,
whether it would be
or wrong  http://lyricalanarchy.wordpress.com/
I would create poetmagic http://poetmagic.wordpress.com/
and it would raise a reverend’s hellfire
like the poetic rantings from such a ratbag
released during a Sunday sermon http://reverendhellfire.wordpress.com/
not as I would expose a window to my soul
as a clumsy poet’s attempts on form poetry
or perhaps just quotes, notes, and simple posts
on my sort of blog https://sagedoyle.wordpress.com/
and as we are running on sober
with thoughts on life
running with a healthy dose of quotes
and poetry
yet I don’t know where I’m running now,
I’m just running on… http://runningonsober.com/
and as I run
I ought to try
the fun fit 5k plus
hence having fun
getting fit
loving life http://yomicfit.wordpress.com/
yes love, life, and poetry
we all have the thoughts of an awkward poet http://lovelifeandpoetry.com/
but we free ourselves into our reading pleasures
occasionally reading a blog of books and literature
as mishaburnet will tell you
there’s more than one way to skin a cat
Personally, I prefer the nightsyde
where in the darkness, I know myself http://thenightsyde.wordpress.com/