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I am dry and naked.  Bright light surrounds me like sunshine.  Though I am warm, it doesn’t feel like the heat of the sun.  A beautiful woman approaches me and I see that she is naked too.  I feel no pain, nor discomfort of any kind.  I think I must be dead and she is an angel, especially when she comes closer, standing directly before me.  I can feel the energy of her skin against my body though it does not touch me.  The energy consumes me and I become aroused, yet this doesn’t embarrass me.  Now I’m convinced I must be in Heaven.

She wraps her arms around me and begins to kiss me.  I touch her skin which is like hot silk beneath my fingertips and then I grip her tightly, passionately.  I lift her and she wraps her legs around me as I push myself up into her.  She throws her torso back, her head back, and I feel the ache of muscles I forgot existed, yet miraculously they work.  I hold her up with the strength of my arms, keep us balanced with the strength of my legs, and all my other muscles pull together to push myself into her repeatedly until the rush of my release surges inside of her.  She howls like a dog and pants rapidly while she claws at my shoulder blades, gripping me in ecstasy or maybe so she won’t fall over.  I’d like to think it’s ecstasy.

I bring us to the ground.  She lies beside me as I begin to drift off.  She takes my face and pulls so I can look into her eyes.  She opens her mouth to speak though it’s unclear what she is saying.  Then it becomes audible and steadily louder as she repeats it over and over again.  She says, “Save Fay, Save Fay, Save Fay.”  I sit up and look more into her face as she moves her mouth, her eyes pleading to me.  Then I recognize her.  She is my mother.

to be continued…