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Why is the world on drugs and not sharing any with me
why do I speak when I have nothing to say
why do I not listen when there is so much to hear
why is my voice something I grow tired of
why do I feel old when I am young
or too young for my age
when will my experience become me
or will I become my experience
rather should I become myself
and have experience become my wisdom
Why do people think they know me
when they do not know themselves
One phrase I say or action I take
might give allusion to an essence that is not mine
rather it ought to reflect a simple impulsive mood
And I am very moody
Why do people design parking lots that make no sense 
they are on drugs and sharing none with me
I need that state of mind to find my way 
through these parking lots
Why do people beat their children and avoid using traffic signals
Is it purposely intended to piss me off
or am I insignificant in this among many schemes
Should my life take shape or ought I design it
I have no drugs so to design it would be to lay out a plan
much less confusing than parking lots