I was going through all the blogs I follow in order to better keep up with my dedicated followers, and I’m afraid I may have unfollowed some blogs by mistake.  So if you notice I’m not following you or I stop visting your site that’s why.  All you need to do is drop me a note or like a post of mine and I will remember you.  No this isn’t a contrived attempt to get more likes.  I’m not like that,  I’m just trying to organize things and I tend to make a mess of things in the process of that sometimes ;)

Another thing, sorry if you get ads when you come on, I don’t have the money to splurge on paying to rid of them.  I know it’s not a lot of money but, well, I’m a writer, so…enough said.

Also, one thing I did notice was that I hadn’t realized how long some of you have been following me, since I started July 30 or within August. That’s dedication and I really appreciate that, thank you.  And for that, here’s a present for you.  I went hiking at Mount Monadnock and I took some pictures specifically to share with all of you.  Here’s one for now until I get organized, the rest will probably be shared by Grimm who likes trees.  So thanks for continuing to visit!  I lied on the ground to take this pic for you.   Take care,   Sage