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THANK YOU to everyone who has been following “Fay.”  I’m just letting you know that post 21, which was posted yesterday, was the last of what I’ve written.  Now “Fay” will resume regular postings on Saturday mornings.

NEW FAY POSTS  begin this Saturday, November 17, 2012 8:00 am EST with a freshly written “Fay” post 22.  The story will continue with one post per week every Saturday.  Sorry I can’t write them all at once and do it daily, or I would.  However, if anyone would like to catch up with the story between posts, you’ll have time to do that.

THE FAY INDEX PAGE  http://wp.me/P2DnTA-ko has the posts for the entire story listed chronologically.  The shortlinks are provided to make it easier to access the posts you want to read.  I will keep the index updated as I write.

I’m not sure how many more posts it will take before I finish the story, but I’m guessing roughly 10 (that’s a random number I just threw out there, don’t trust it, though it might be realistic).  Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts or concerns.  @sagedoyle  sagedoyle@yahoo.com  

Thanks again!