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It is a mourning
a painful loss
there is nothing to say
but goodbye
He has a difficult time
he doesn't always process
or comprehend
words seem useless to him
or the words which once were his friends
have become his conspirators
sworn to defile his name
his worth
his intention
bashing his integrity
misrepresenting him
leaving him confused 
his mind a cloud of dust
and no words spoken seem true anymore
A friend is lost 
because of the wrong words
or simply because the words he used
were wrongly expressed 
He makes mistakes, we all do
but his purpose was never harm
rather his faults 
were distractions 
or careless yet benign slips of the tongue
His thoughts are battered
when his ideas are accused of judgment
despite that he degrades no one
He thought he mastered words
but you can't edit conversation
and once you're misunderstood
it's like a grave that only gets deeper
there's no digging yourself out with words
because they persistently betray you
even an explanation proves false
and every ounce of his worth and morals
is discredited
He is falsely seen as a cruel person
with harmful intentions
yet he has never in his life
ever purposely done anything
that would hurt anyone else
rather he's only been the advocate
and a comrade
on behalf of each and every one
of his friends