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They are dried and hardened
it is as I walk and the sun burns the pavement
I am safe
She moves with my every step
breathing down my back like a rainforest monsoon
wild like carnivorous beasts
Her tongue is swollen with red pulp
I strive to taste it
bring me inside
I call back to where I stand
I do not want to go back
I want this lust, this skin
I want this skin
it is strong like hide and sorrow
it is dark and safe
I am an animal
a predator
and I lurk
along the sun burned pavement
upon the pads of my dried and hardened feet
I am an animal
I cry and it is the murderous scream 
I hear at night
It is the witnessing decree of my bashful savioress
who dances like a crocadile tail
and severs like his bull jaws
She makes me bleed
I open my arms