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There's nothing quite like a decent combination of good and bad
sometimes it's nice to be able to vent
on a complete stranger who pisses you off
sometimes it feels good to be the scene causer
for once
and not to give a shit anymore
It's great when I hit the mode of not giving a shit
that's when I'm most content
that's when it seems as if life ain't so bad after all
conformity provokes fear of scrutiny
that's when I'm aware that I might be conforming
eccentricity saves my grace
being who I am guards my spirit from further damage
at a bar alone with a whiskey and a cigarette
I feel at peace
1:00pm and peaceful at the bar
Why is it that I feel most like myself
when I've got a bit of whiskey in me
a cigarette lasts much longer
when you're not necessarily addicted
I feel at home right now
within my own space
I used to go out for coffee alone for the same purpose