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He did not know why this had come to be
it was not a decision he had in mind
it was merely the fortune of his trauma
that he ought to manifest this
He remembers when he thought he might be here
time was darker then
He does not value it, though time will provoke his wisdom
He feels as if what has come to be is not reality
though he must accept its truth
without denial
or he shall have but more of its fortitude
He does not often know where he comes from
He does not often know where he is
but he moves on, as his mind might not keep still
still enough for him to be here
therefore there is nothing but within him
that which he often does not wish to know
and he devises a manner to deny or accept this curse
which is himself
which is his own manifestation
when he hears the voice it pleases him
until it speaks too much
when he hears the song it sings to him
until it sinks into his blood
He values nothing but what is
though this is yet another thing he is unaware of
and his manner often deceives him
where there is nothing but where he goes
without destination in the time that is dark
and when it is light it is because he is blind
though he knows his worth is more than this