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There was a certain method to their complexity
which they felt they needed to justify
yet it was never recognized 
by anyone
and when they needed to know something
they searched for information
when they needed healing
they found reasons in their methods
and these are the webs
they believed they weaved alone
though there were others
there had to be
for here we seek identity
to compensate our lack of culture
devising its own means
manifestations to tell us who we are
absent from the creedence of where we come from
often feeling lost where we happen to be
This is the essence from which we formulate
and the patterns emerge in our creations
which build up our world to a level of admiration
yet still we are the lonely ones
gradually becoming something
in order to be anything at all
the fruition of the voice we choose
rather than to be enforced by
But this is why they bleed, they hope
for why else would there be this confusion
a home without dominion
a bed where one cannot sleep
a universe we are not important enough to be a part of
and one deity passes them on to the next
in order for them to learn the theories of their conclusions
only to be content and realize
all this thought
is entirely unnecessary