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I walk these steps and taste the salt of the past
when freedom was yet still young and naive
I taste this salt and my own voice plagues me
with the fortunes of my understanding

Now freedom is like a wild mare we could never learn to control
and when we try
we blindly abuse her with our belief of human benefit
yet still we are young and naive

To learn a language we must first listen and understand
and all our calling for nature
our dominance and neglect
is conceived from the loss of our own connection of who we are
as we become victims
of the environments we create

We violate ourselves and wonder why we are so lonely
and how might we fill this emptiness
however I would say freedom is still young and innocent

All our dominance does not establish 
a presence of cruelty and dictatorship
rather we are young and growing
making mistakes
desperate to learn from them
and often hoping to remedy their results

I walk these steps and taste the salt and I feel aimless
I wonder if I should live for myself
or use my presence as the benefit for a time
when I shall no longer walk
though I believe if I am peaceful
I need not ask this question

If we are peaceful
then we might recognize our worth
and no longer feel the need to prove it