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Ok the post below was originally posted on December 10th,  but since not much has changed I’m reposting it today December 23.  A couple things to add:

1.  I’ve gotten a few more awards and I think that makes the total 16, so I will be getting to them in a few condensed posts, once I resume working on my blog.

2.  I apologize about how perverted the story “Fay” has been these last tow posts, sorry about that.  It is not all like that, and there is a reason for it, it’s not gratuitous.  I admit these last two posts were a little kinky, but it is going somewhere with that, and this coming Saturday will focus on the “surgery” or following the “surgery” or a bit of both, and progress further into the plot.  I try to keep the posts short, roughly 700 words more or less, so it’s extending the climax and resolve to a timeline with an indeterminable final post.

3. I suppose that’s all for now, below is pretty much the same at this point.  It’s been busy during this holiday season, so the last week I’ve gotten less work done than I aimed to…

I’m just reminding everyone that I’m currently having a little”break” hopefully no one’s really noticed.  I’m finding a good balance between working on final edits to my novel and preparing for submissions, and maintaining my blog and my connection to my readers.  Basically what’s helping me is the fact that I’m not writing new posts–besides this one, “Fay”, the Romantic Monday poetry, and I will be posting a couple photos later this week.  “Fay” incidentally is written weekly and gets posted every Saturday.

In the meantime, I will continue to post old Wall Grimm and poetry daily, and some other old stuff now and then, and I hope that won’t get annoying.  There’s a chance most of you have never read any of it since it was posted back in August and September.

Ok, now here’s the amazing thing:

I’ve been on a “break” for a week and I’ve received 11 or 12 awards!  Sorry I lost count, however I am keeping track and I will follow through with the rules upon my “return” from my “time away.”  I’m using quotes because I’m still around, sort of.  Anyway, these awards have blown me away, seriously, and I’ll tell you why.  I was thinking that this is just a humble little blog with nothing about it that is visually profound by any means.  It has a basic font and simple layout; the photos and sketchings are my amateur offerings.  I’ve not paid for an upgrade so if you come to my site via email you probably get an ad thrown at you, (sorry about that, it’s not in the budget for me at this time).

In other words, visually I don’t have much to offer, so the fact that I’m receiving these awards is a brilliant compliment of my writing, since essentially that’s all I really have to offer.  So I thank you for honoring me in such a way.  I’m honestly dumbfounded.

That all said, it’s been a week since I’ve begun my “break.”  I’m not sure how much more time I need, perhaps another week or two.  As you noticed I’m still responding to comments and blog surfing as often as I can and I will continue to do that.  I’m curious though, did anyone even notice I was gone? ;)

Here’s the link to my original post “Dear Readers…” which describes that I am taking a break in order to prepare my novel for submission to agents and publishers.  http://wp.me/p2DnTA-wB

And here are a couple of photos that I think are pretty cool.  I think I’m just falling in love with my readers and I want to give you all lots of presents.

Take care,



“Rain On Water”

rain 1

rain 3

rain 2