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I was visiting http://ladyornot.com/ on November 25 and reading this post http://ladyornot.com/gentleman-or-not-here-i-stay-1/ by Becca’s guest blogger Jason.  In order for you to know what the post is, I’m afraid you’ll have to go there yourself ;) however I commented, with regards to the concept of affordable gifts, that it was much easier when all I had to do was draw a picture.  If you go to the post and scroll down to the comments, you’ll see our conversation, but the end result is this post.  I was double-dog dared to give someone, (excluding my mom), not only a drawing, but a macaroni necklace (photos below).  Yeah, I love a good dare, so much so that they didn’t even need to triple-dog dare me.  I caved instantly.  At first I was going to give it to my nephew, but I decided on my best friend. (My friend is one of 6 people in my personal life who knows my pen name and that I even have a blog).

My friend and I usually don’t exchange gifts, by mutual agreement.  Instead we’re just sure to hang out over the holiday.  Yet when I told him I had something for him, he got so excited I felt instantly guilty, especially since they were wrapped.  He said “you got me something??”  Then I felt like an asshole.  I was like, “…yeah…”

When he opened it and saw the drawing he laughed and said “is that us?”


In the picture (below) you’ll see the drawing includes the macaroni necklace.  He said, “Macaroni necklace?  I don’t have a macaroni necklace.”  Then he looked deeper into the bag, saw it, and said, “there it is!”  Then I felt like a bigger asshole.  Especially as he put it on.

I then had to explain to him that this was all about my blog and that I’d be doing this post, and that I was sorry, and I hoped he didn’t feel used like a prop.  He said no, but he liked the drawing and the necklace.  He stood and had us pose like the drawing (stick arms outstretched with stupid grins), and he wore the macaroni necklace the entire day.

Becca and Jason told me I was a sport for planning to do it, but my friend’s undeniably the true sport.  Lesson learned:  Next year my friend deserves a real present, a top notch gift for an awesome guy!



Yes, I painted the macaroni.