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I walked for many days, searching
never for anything 
but a bit of something more
not unfulfilled, but solitary
choosing alone over companionship
these forethoughts regenerate
lasting memories submerged 
for our discretion
I go on and on 
with no direction yet I never stop
and I am free like an animal
running for survival
hunting for the flesh 
I need to go on
taking it into myself 
making it a part of me
There is always hope
hope within the ache of desire
the pang of knowledge
when we'd rather be ignorant
I have suffered deaths 
the souls I too often tried to follow
but I stayed behind 
and I see the abuse and the war
and why
why hurt your friend
your stranger
a person to come to know
and honor in your likeness
and empower in your difference
I stay behind 
hope within the pain of desire
and I am free like an animal
walking away from the disvalue
of my fellow man