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This is the time now to reflect
to withdraw and distribute
so she withers
as he dines
and this is their beginning
yet when they look back
there was never any courtship
only a common phenomenon
There was never a purse or gathering
only an allusion to respect
this however had not been the etiquette practiced
righteous and wrong
perhaps there were values
then she cried
and now she still cries
then she was expected to for no reason
now she has no right to 
then he had identity
now he must accommodate
there is no more than what they ask for
neither is there less than what they distribute
when her eyes see what she is not
believing in his distraction
what she could be 
without knowing if this is a common phenomenon
In the dark she prays
to what will hear her
trusting she does not listen alone
Once he wanders and seeks
without comprehension of what he might find
for fear, he will not recognize
as he is too vulnerable to allow himself weakness
she believes this is sad
thus there is far too much compensation
not enough trust in oneself to avoid desolation
neither to lead nor to follow nor to agree
and this is the worth of yesterday