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Time changes things
and takes away everything from its purest form
I don't want to lose or release things 
I want to hold on 
to so many events 
I wish I could control

If time could last a little longer
every moment of pleasure 
more vast and whole
not fleeting
and times of distress and suffering
perhaps wouldn't seem to go on 
with an indefinite hopelessness

I especially don't like change 
in the world around me
I will be glad to evolve
I'm often forced to 
in order to adapt
to the changes outside of myself
within the world around me
I adapt because I accept change
but I don't like it

I don't like when friendships break apart
or when people die
I don't like to see people age
physically losing 
their strength and independence
mentally adapting 
and swallowing pride 
something they must do daily

Sometimes I don't even like to be an adult
looking back upon the destroyed innocence 
of my childhood
the world revealing truths 
no child should know
beaten senseless by reality
at times I wished I didn't have to grow up
and realize
how change is the catalyst
to the pain I would suffer 
in time