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Desire is the cause of all suffering
yet it feels so damned good
although when it is imposed
upon my nature as some
sort of drive
to acquire assiduity
this means I desire another person
who is not a possession
or at the minimum
I crave notice
which verifies me
without it I want to pout
and whine like a baby
because I want
I want
I want
I want more
I am here
notice me
give me all your attention
devote yourself to me
I love it
I may not love you
but I love your affections
forgive my selfish motivations
as a human being
this is natural
as a man
it takes a while to notice them
as a real man
I crush them
and free you
from my desires
you come and go at will
I courteously observe your absence
and I am always contented when you come around