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They passed along the ridged shore
waves beheld and brandished o'er
their sinking steps within the sand
as they walked side by side, hand in hand

I observed the couple pass me by
they hadn't noticed my watchful eye
enwrapped within their lovers' realm
the romance took me, I was overwhelmed

With Remembrance of my darkened queen
I ached for the days that once had been
my heart throbbed within my mourning form
I felt betrayed this shorline morn

Here was the place of her memory lost
when she gave herself to the ocean tossed
her beauty was never embraced again
though the ocean was unworthy to ease her pain

The treacherous sea stole my queen
I know that now, I know what I have seen
these lovers walk by my darling's tomb
and I force myself into the ocean's womb 
to meet my love as her eternal groom