This is the final repost, for anyone who forgot or didn’t know about this.  Next week I will begin to do Awards postings.  Those who asked for an award will get at least two different awards.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Reposting this from a few days ago…still have more awards to pass on.  I will probably post this one more time next week, then just follow through with what I have.  If you know of any blogging friends you’d like to give an award to, or new bloggers who deserve notice, or if you are a new follower of mine and haven’t read this post or feel you’re too new to qualify, please read below:

Ok I just counted my awards that I have to go through, and I’ve collected 19 over the month I’ve been taking a break.  This means I have 19 awards to give out to an estimate of 200 bloggers.  That’s about a month’s worth of work right there.  I don’t want to just post the logos and thank the people who sent them to me without giving the awards to other deserving bloggers.  So here’s what I’m going to do, and please forgive me if this comes across as lazy or tasteless.  It’s the best that I am able to do while honoring the award rules, and honoring other bloggers, with the time I am able to invest.

1.  Each different award will include it’s own post.  If I’ve gotten multiples they will be within one post.

2.  I’ll display the logos, thank the bloggers who awarded me, and honor the questions expected of me.

3.  The complicated part is awarding the other bloggers.  Somehow I’ve unfollowed some people along the way inadvertently, or others are no longer visiting my blog who were once on my list of blogs to award.  Also I’ve acquired new followers over the course of the month.  So here’s my offer:

IF YOU WANT A BLOG AWARD, COMMENT BELOW  Just say, “I do” or “Me” or “give me! give me!” or something else you’re more comfortable with, maybe “Sage I would do anything for an award, such as…” or maybe that’s asking too much…

If I have 19 awards and the average amount of blogs to award is 10 (some are 15) that’s roughly 200 blogs I need to award.  So you can see my quandary, I hope.  If you read this far, then you are truly reading my stuff, and I want to honor you for that.

Please don’t consider it begging and don’t bother with feeling too shy or proud.  Rather, you’ll be doing me a favor, and you’re just letting me know you’re there.  I apologize if this is a tactless approach to it, but I’m trying to be dignified about it, by attempting in my own way to honor the awards.

Also, I’ve always said I didn’t want to award people twice, but I’m breaking that personal rule.  Even if I’ve given you an award in the past, you qualify.  If you have blogger friends who have never visited me, and you think they deserve an award, let me know, I will honor you by awarding your friends, even if you recommend more than one.  This will also help to promote beginning bloggers if you know of any.  Remember I have roughly 200 bloggers to award.

Now here is the list of awards I have to give out, and if you’re so inclined, you may even comment which award you’d like for yourself, or you would like for me to award to a blogger friend of yours:

1 Gargie Award

1 Liebster Award

11 Blog of the Year 2012

1 Blogs That Make Me Smile

1 Super Sweet Blogging Award

1 Very Inspiring Blog Award

2 One Lovely Blog Award

1 Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

Please forgive me if I’ve lost an award along the way.  I tried to be organized, but at some point I was feeling a little overwhelmed and I may have lost track of one or two.

Also please remember that I’ve just become award free.  Please refer to my post “My First Update of 2013” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-CA for details about my decision regarding that.

Again, I’m sorry if this seems inappropriate, but I genuinely would love to award all of you.  And please don’t be too shy or too proud, just step forward and ask for what you deserve.  If you’d rather, you can tell me you’d like an award privately via email or DM on Twitter.  sagedoyle@yahoo.com @sagedoyle

Once I’m done my break, I will probably do a minimum of one post per week for the awards, for a total of 8 posts.

Thanks so much to all the bloggers who awarded me.  If this is my greatest blogging dilemma, then I’m doing just fine!

Take care,