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We went to Walden Pond
and worshiped Thoreau
we brought stones to lay in the pile
to honor him
we smelled the ghostly incense of his hearth
a fire that had not burned
in over a century
but the heart fire burned
within us
we walked across the frozen pond in winter
we hiked the surrounding path during spring and fall
in summer we swam the water
beside which Thoreau scribed
watching nature in introspection
you loved me more than anyone ever has
you knew me
you loved me even though you knew me well
you were peace and depth
you were freedom and spontaneity
I loved us so much
yet the fool that I am
I fell out of love with you
and I am sorry
love is wayward
and tolerates no governance
whether we do not love someone we should
or we love someone we know will cause us harm
you are my lost love
I am sorry I had to be honest
and in order to treasure you
I had to set you free
discerning the past
I think of you with love
a different lot than you were in want of
or than I was able to provide
now whenever I go to Walden
I will always fondly think of you
and reflect upon the greatest love
that never had the chance to be

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