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We were like children those days
freedom and life
the responsibilities were just another part
of the adventure
until everything became too real

We are sometimes children
sometimes animals
sometimes bound
and sometimes free

We are the symbiosis of the moon
as it guides the abiding sea

We are the wisdom of our forefathers
learning the bonds of humanity

Emerging from the wild
becoming burdened
with stability

But no analysis decides our individuality
riding chance and feeding upon the grains of philosophy
I carry you, you nurture me
and there is the stance, the strength, the unpredictability
as we are sometimes children
sometimes animnals
sometimes bound
and sometimes free

Escape with me
for a time
don't release me
all we need is a little while
a little chance
can't you see our obstacles
can't you recognize
that we are being torn apart

Rescue us
let us run free
escape with me
just a while

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