Hey my awesome readers and cyber friends!  I’m writing this post before the storm….

As my last update said, I would pretty much have nonblogging days on Wednesdays and Fridays (just reposting old poems) in order to work on my novel, and I still am planning this (starting next week since I’ve not accomplished that this week), however I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that here in Massachusetts, we are expecting, as the weather channel says, a potentially historic winter storm  possibly in the top 10 of New England blizzards I’ve read reports of anywhere from 18 – 24 inches or even up to 36 but who knows, it might only be five.

Anyway, just letting you know, seriously, if I vanish from the cyber world, it’s probably the result of power outages.  If it’s bad enough it can be lost for even up to a week or longer, that’s not unheard of around here.  So don’t worry, as soon as life is back in order, I’ll be back.  Or, I may not lose power at all, and I’ll be posting as usual.  Anyway, anyone out there who happens to be in the region of the impending storm, stay warm and safe.  I have a an older poem scheduled for 4pm EST this afternoon (February 8th) and we’ll see what happens after that.

In the meanwhile, I “built” you all one of Sage’s Wicked Awesome Snowmen:


If you like it you can take it as a present from me and put it on your blog ;)

Have a great weekend!