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Ok here goes another update:

ROMANTIC MONDAYS – I love participating in Romantic Mondays at http://edwardhotspur.wordpress.com and I will continue to do so, as long as Hotspur keeps it up. Have a look at his site for the works of other participants, and his own. Perhaps you can participate as well.

Otherwise, damn. I was going through my media library and thought I’d delete some images. I didn’t realize that it would likewise delete the images from the posts they appeared in. Call me naive, think of me as a technological neanderthal, but I’m still learning the ropes of the blog. Fortunately, I had started with my Romantic Monday images, so it will be easy to locate them and I’ll just have to take a trip back over to http://edwardhotspur.wordpress.com in order to scoop them up again and put them back in my library and my posts. I won’t be doing it all at once because it’s slightly time consuming. So if you see a post while digging through my archives that has an inaccessible image, this is why.

AWARDS – I still have yet to make it obvious that I’ve gone award free, and use widgets to make my site a bit more organized looking, but it will happen…one day…very sorry about that.

FAY – I will also eventually create titles for reference purposes for “Fay.” Also, I’m open for anyone to point out any inconsistencies that I might miss. “Fay” is not outlined at all. I write it for about an hour the morning I post it, and I try to pay attention, but I’m sort of making the story up as I go along, so there may be some contradictions in there. If anyone notices them, please let me know.

POETRY – Suggestions for themes are welcome. I love to write about topics that are prompts from my readers.

 THE JOURNAL OF WALL GRIMM – For those that don’t know, Grimm is fictional, and can be read out of sequence and sporadically. Also, he’s a 23 year old guy writing a journal. As you know, journals are meant to be private, so he says some things that can be kind of vulgar and/or intimate, so please forgive him. Also, please have a look in the Wall Grimm character directory and post index page, link above near my “About”, and you’ll see an explanation about how you can either be a character in Grimm’s world, or you can create a character to interact with him. Also, if you like, you can suggest new things for him to do or experience.

 BLOG FREE DAYS – My semi blog free days, Wednesday and Friday, are intended to give me time to work on my novel. So on those days I’ve begun to just reblog old material instead of writing new stuff. Last Thursday, after posting a poem from Shelley, and getting a great response to that, I had an idea. I think I will probably post works from various authors and poets on Wednesdays and Fridays on occasion in lieu of my own work. I think people enjoy that change of scenery, so to speak, and for me it feels like a privilege to have that content here on my site. It is also cool to be able to share some of my favorite literary pieces.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Please don’t hesitate to comment or contact me with questions, concerns, feedback, or ideas. sagedoyle@yahoo.com @sagedoyle

Thanks so much, I deeply appreciate your readership!

Take care,