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When there are necessities
which are accessible
to everyone else
besides him
he gets pissed off
If he doesn't have insurance 
to cover dental care
and he needs a root canal,
does he have to wait
until it becomes a medical requirement,
when the infection might
seep into his brain and kill him,
must he wait for that 
for the insurance to cover it
And how long does he have to suffer
before that happens
It's ok, he has no money to buy food anyway
Now that he has starved long enough
he's finally willing to swallow his pride
but they won't give him food stamps
because he makes too much money
on his unemployment benefits
They don't take into consideration
the debt he has
when each month he pays out 
more than he brings in
on rent and student loans
Because he was so fucking stupid
believing that when he got his Master's degree
he would get a good job
but he was better off working as a bagger
at the grocery store
And so when he sees people on television
spend $50,000 on a novelty item
merchandise that means nothing to them essentially
a part of him dies inside
thinking, that's just a fucking trinket
But that $50,000 would pay all his debt
get him back on his feet
and spare him from homelessness
which is the path he is on
Hopefully they won't reposses his car
because that will one day soon
be his home