This is a great post regarding the prevalence of bullying, and how it goes beyond the realm of only children at times. Adults, such as other parents, school or other professionals, can contribute to and/or perpetuate the bullying of children. It can even evolve into the bullying of the child’s family, when efforts to resolve the issues are met with hostility or blame. Bullying is often hard to prove, especially when children are often pushed to their limits and retaliate, then they get ‘caught’ and accused of being the bullies. In these cases, children are unable to defend themselves because they will be blamed.


My Child was the most hated kid in schoolI know this to be true because the bus driver told me a child shouted to …  sibling “did you know your … is the most hated kid in school!”  When my child sat at a table during lunches every one at the table got up and left.  My child got to sit alone many times, and I was told that is was okay by the principal because the other children had made the choice not to sit with my child.

My Child was singled out as the kidwho did everything wrong and was stupid and mean and cruel.  Other kids at the school formed a group to let me know how mean my child was and that I needed to do something about this.

My Child is hated by most of the school staffI know this…

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