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The way your hands move
I remember the day we met
Around the curves of my hips
your soul pressed through me
The way your mouth lingers
and gripped my heart
Near the base of my neck
so that it may take pause
Totally obsessed
with every ensuing beat
I live for these moments
intended solely for you

I sketch each moment alone
And it is you who is the inspiration
Turning each golden memory
the muse of every god
Into portraits of romantic thirst
arousing the impetus within me
My hunger into a gallery of art
to form my life around you
Filled with cravings nourished
while every piece of beauty
Masterpieces born from our hearts
ambitions itself upon perfection
Each day is like an awakening
in order to compare with you

My love for you seems inadequate
As this is our world our journey
Caught in a brilliant cascade of souls
which sees us off and sets us forth
I am one of many blinded hearts
blind perhaps though never weary
Mesmerized by your inexplicable beauty
hopeful though we are not fools
Held captive in your intoxicating gaze
for as we learn to dream together
You so powerfully demonstrate
we strengthen each our selves as wholes
A consuming aura of undefinable love
striving for our own perfection
Reminding me how lucky I am
the sublime balance of happiness and woes

HastyWords and I wrote this poetic duet together, she’s a great partner for that, this is our second duet.   http://hastywords.wordpress.com