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I had willingly admitted to the routine
setting myself upon a display
voluntarily exposed 
naked, as it were
when she intruded upon my system
invaded the truths I had come to know
and defiled the worth of what I created
for a point or a value
something to prove
and not even in a kind way
rather it was source of a public scrutiny
despite that I did not admit myself to it
rather it was a time during which I would subject myself
to be systemic and involved, but not for opinion
as I am not a creative neanderthal
I am a grown and capable man
I am a writer
and her abrasion was unwarranted
yet when I ask
I must stress
I am no businessman
though I do have both common sense
and artistic instinct
and while I write this
I am fully rewarded by my success
anything beyond this
would be an embellishment
to my grand satisfaction