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I was leaving the book store in Harvard Square
after making no purchases, rather I browsed through some good books,
when I encountered a human statue
She was all grey and wearing a stone skirt
I slipped a dollar in her bucket
and she moved to kiss my cheek
then became a statue again
I walked away with grey lip marks on my face
I went to the T and encountered a man with no legs
In his wheel chair he held a sign saying he was a war veteran
I gave him a dollar and he said "God bless you, thank you sir"
I got off the T at the Common
There was another man in a wheel chair
His sign said, "Please Help Me Fly My Kite"
So I ran back and forth and held the kite high in the air
He laughed, smiled, and applauded
He said, "God bless you, thank you sir"
I went on to Quincy Market 
where a street magician made my wallet disappear
Fortunately it reappeared with all my money 
so I gave him a dollar
Then I heard "Ave Maria" on the violin
I listened to the music and was instilled with peace
I gave the musician a dollar
I next encountered two people with signs that read, "Free Hugs Here"
How could I resist, I got myself a couple tight hugs
Before I went home, I went into the pub 
and spent seven dollars on a beer
I left with a headache
but I still felt good