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Branded like cattle and left to his own devices
which warped the opinion of the greater many
assumed to be chattel and counted like a number
he had no voice of his own
molded as he was seen, shaped by the common view
expected to be something other than himself
he never fit in anywhere
but where he was placed was unfamiliar
until the day came when he realized his path
plagued by the instillments with the least reward
and like a hammer he bashed the frame then cleaned the slate
disregarding the scrutiny of his self appraisal
he formulated a person of a distinctive nature
as an apparel well suited to his stature
it was pride that carried him when the world crumbled at his feet
and he was willing to let it all go
in order to become the man he knew
the child he was, yet grown
now he stands in his wisdom and grace
alone but never false, built and true
resolute and searching for his own