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Wednesday is one of the days that I spend the morning working on my novel, “The Opera.”  I’ve been editing out a lot, trying to make it shorter.  The following is an excerpt I just cut.  The paragraph describes Jack, the main character, and Corey, his best friend.  They are both A-list actors, which is why the context focuses on their appeal.  I just cut it, and since it has no spoilers, I thought I’d post it here.  It would vanish into the void otherwise, apart from the description of Corey as a Dicken’s urchin.  I may slip that in somewhere else.  The excerpt could stand to use some revision, but since I’m taking it out, I won’t bother.  Here it is in all its rawness.  It begins with them having lunch at a café, and the waitress just brought their drinks.

Jack smiles at her and she returns a flirty smile. The women have always flirted more with Jack than Corey. They either fall in love with Corey because he’s nice and sweet, or they cling onto him as a friend. Jack’s the guy they want to fuck, so he gets used a lot, or they fall in love with him to a stalker extent. Jack is often voted the sexiest of one thing or another, and his charisma that dynamically translates into film and photos, is electric when he’s in person. Corey is also attractive, with large brown eyes and dark brown hair, yet his appeal is comparable to an urchin in a Dickens’ tale. His eyes give him a sensitive and sometimes vulnerable countenance. Jack’s a natural flirt, flashing his dazzling eyes and intoxicating smile at every woman he meets, laying on the icing extra thick when it’s someone he’s attracted to. Corey treats everyone equally, men and women alike, with the classic charm of the boy next door. Jack can charm any woman into believing she’s the sexiest creature in existence, veritably enchanting her out of her panties. He can charm any man into desiring to be his best friend. It’s a skill that’s inherent and it’s a good thing he’s a kind person.