Briefly put, this post explains that I will not be blogging from Thursday through Sunday and I will be back on April 1st.  This means:

1. No posts, not even reblogging my old stuff.  Though I have a lot of stuff in the archives you may not have read yet, feel free to dig around.

2. I won’t be coming on to reply to comments, however don’t hesitate to leave comments because I will reply to them all when I come back.

3.  This includes Twitter, I won’t be tweeting or responding to tweets, but I will when I return. @sagedoyle

4.  I won’t be going around to other blogs either.  I know I’ve been busy and it’s been hard for me to keep up and visit other blogs, but please don’t think I won’t be back if you haven’t seen me for a little while.  I have all the emails of your ‘likes’ and your own posts.  Even if they’re backed up, I will get to them.

5.  I WILL however read and respond to personal emails, so that’s the best way to get me if you want an immediate response from me.  Although, I did miss a few that blended in with the other emails, so the best subject for me is something that stands out, maybe in all caps, something like, “HEEEEYYYYYYY SAAAGGGGEEEE” or something similar I can’t miss and I WILL get back to you.  sagedoyle@yahoo.com

Ok there’s the brief layout, now what follows is what will be my most blatantly personal post, as in a post not obscuring my personal stuff in poetry or with characters.  This will be the longest I’ll have gone without blogging since I started on July 30, 2012.  Most times I’ve gone away, I’ve scheduled posts.  So this is actually difficult for me because I was thinking when I made this decision that I would lose followers, or my stats would drop and my hits would jump down to nothing, etc.  As any of us bloggers may know, that’s kind of something to cringe about.  But I realized that was the point of my choice to do this.  Here comes the personal bit:

I went to Catholic school for 8 years, from kindergarten through grade 7.  I went on to complete CCD and then make my confirmation when I was a sophomore in high school.  In high school I suffered a lot from many past as well as new causes and continued to pray.  In fact, throughout my life, I’ve known that whatever religion I was practicing, that my belief in a higher power was what saved my life and my sanity many times, and instilled a strong sense of hope, and strength to hold on.

So as high school was coming to an end I began to explore Wicca.  This was a confusing time for me since I didn’t feel worthy to turn to either religion since I was swaying between the two.  When I finally dedicated myself to Wicca, I practiced for many years.  It is a beautiful religion, through which I experienced an amazing period of growth.  It helped me become more in tune with myself, my own actions, and with nature and life itself.

Then I returned to college and became too busy for any religion, so I began to call myself spiritual, believing in all gods and I was content knowing that there was something out there.

For some years after college, once I had more time, I didn’t get back into the habit of incorporating religion as a way of life, but I began searching for something.  I felt unfulfilled not having a spiritual connection.  I was raised in religion, so it’s something that was a part of me.  That part being gone, I was not complete.  I tried Unitarian, I tried Evangelical, and I tried Buddhism.  Finally I decided to return to Catholicism.  After visiting a few churches, I found one several months ago that was perfect.  It has become a way of life, which it never seemed to be before when I was a kid, but that’s what Wicca was like for me, the beauty, the desire to be a part of it, not the chore of an obligation. I look forward to going every week and that baffles me.  I never expected that, but it’s a powerful experience.  I even had the realization that this Catholic God was always there, just waiting for me to come back.

Anyway, those who know about Lent know that this is the final stretch, and I never gave up anything.  I spent the whole time trying to think of something to give up, then I just kind of forgot about it.  But I was in church on Sunday, and the priest said that during holy week, which is from this past Saturday through Easter Sunday, that especially beginning on Thursday we should devote our time and focus as much as we can to the acknowledgement of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, and the events surrounding that.  He said we should step away from things we don’t need but occupy our time with, and sacrifice that time for this reflection.  I thought, well there’s nothing I do that I can give up, except for my blogging.  Then I thought, no I can’t possibly do that and I thought of tons of reasons why it would be too much of a sacrifice to give that up.  And then, it made sense, because that’s the point.  It felt like a good decision for me, very intense, as I experience this new spiritual journey I have embarked upon.

This post is part of that, because I really don’t want to be exposing these personal things about myself for the lifespan of the internet or the end of humanity, to any number of strangers.  I’ve never been the type of person to confide in anyone; I’m extremely private.  So this is really strange and I’m cringing as I type this, and I know I will hesitate for a while before I hit publish.

Anyway, I just had to express this, and now I have, and here’s the end of it.

Tonight I will try to visit as many blogs as I can before I am gone until Monday.  I’ll miss you guys, that’s for sure.  Like I said, email me if you don’t want to wait, and I will definitely get back to you.

Have a great weekend, and thanks in advance if you don’t give up on me.

Take care,