Below is an excerpt from a novel I wrote prior to The Opera. I’ll be getting back to it eventually in order to revise and submit as well.  I’m posting this to correspond with a post at  http://runningonsober.com/  Christy will be creating a themed post over the weekend, and my piece focuses on battling inner demons…

It is the voices now that keep him company, realizing he is needing a presence, another body, an energy other than his own being.  His loneliness becomes an emotional cyclone sometimes, as if it is the loneliness accumulated throughout his lifetime he felt in one single moment.  The cyclone becomes a device the voices use, telling him to do unnatural things or dictating deeper scenarios than what are evident, yet he ignores them, the best he can.  He is able to pretend that they are demons in his castle, the evil spirits who try to destroy the sorcerer, and his magic is too powerful to be disturbed by this opposition.  He must conquer these demons, after all, the fate of the entire kingdom is in his hands.