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Alia at http://vision5d2012.wordpress.com/ and I composed this sonnet, alternating line by line.  We wrote this together in order to help Hasty celebrate her first year of blogginghttp://hastywords.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/help-me-celebrate/

Courageous words and honest poetry
Equestrian maids make haste for rocky sands
Laid first upon the will of gallantry
Emboldened by the pen at her command.
Born from the whims of life's formalities
Released into a world of dark and light
Amongst the realms of cyber liberties
Transformed by love, her images take flight.
In every beat her heart evacuates
On spiral swirls her fantasies set free
No short supply of those to celebrate
Delicious first year anniversary
And Hasty gets this awesome poem from friends
Yay, thus her blogging birthday never ends.