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This is my third and final poetic duet that I have composed with another writer in order to help Hasty celebrate the anniversary of her first year of blogging. http://hastywords.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/help-me-celebrate/ I wrote this poem with Suzi at http://weightstatenegotiate.wordpress.com/ alternating line by line for another amazing piece.  I love how all three that I’ve done are completely unique from each other.

Like a new-born calf
having glimpsed its former spirit
she wavered
however appetent
of all the favor
aware and branded, cradled and savored
of mother-milk's honey-succulent flavor
she formed a shield and braced the ground
her appetite for survival dominating her fear
she was strong
she felt the earth embrace her
hesitations drowned, unable to deface her
They gathered round
collecting fragments of what once was
her energetic force
her banded will
to challenge nature's course
and to carry on, empowered yet still