I’m just coming online now for the first time since Thursday.  Friday was disconcerting and bizarre to say the least, being in lockdown and…well, you’ve all heard about it.  This isn’t a huge post about the situation, there’s too much to say, none of which I’m able at this time to put into any words.  In fact, I won’t be posting anything about it at all, this is it.  So I’m just letting you know I’m back and thanks for sticking around for me.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Take care,



Update:  April 21, 2013

I just want to thank everyone for their kind words and well wishes.  I actually didn’t expect that.  I am definitely ok.  I was fortunately not at the bombing itself, and certainly not in Watertown.  However, not being too far, and it being so close to home in so many ways, I was deeply affected.  However, it was an emotional effect ultimately.  The only way that I haven’t been ok is that my heart breaks for all those who have suffered due to fear, death of a loved one, physical pain or debilitation, and essentially from the terror of it all.  It was pure terror that all those people experienced, even during the ‘manhunt.’  So through it, I have always been ok, just heart broken.  Through it, I never felt unsafe, but I was concerned for those who did, that was how it affected me.  And at this time, it even hurts that one of the bombers was just a kid of 19.  That is a tragedy in and of itself.  My heart even breaks for him, of course this is not intended to disregard the devastation that he caused or the choices that he made.  I just don’t like to see anyone suffer.  I don’t like to think anyone feels so angry or afraid that they would hurt themselves or other people.  Anyway, thanks again for your thoughts, I appreciate that you care.  I know I said I wouldn’t comment any more on this, but I felt I needed to say this, and that this is only part of the impact this week has made upon me.

Thank you my friends,