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I am the frozen land
beneath the bridge of Winter
mourning the warmth of day
impossible to penetrate

Life is stagnant inside me
as I wait

I am the seagull who cries
misplaced on the pavement
longing for the sea

Each dream I have is a foreshadow,
a hollow of what is yet to be

Nothing will truly happen
if I ignore the worlds
which reside and hide
within me

I am the barren expanse of Earth
which becomes a desert over time

I am the baby animal, 
orphaned by poachers,
never leaving the side of my mother
her body slaughtered, mutilated, dead
empty of her soul

I am the man who has these moments
closed within and concealed
vulnerabilities unknown by all
but the man I am
the man I stand to be
wise and powerful
because of the moments
like hands to mold me
a sculpture of experience