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who are we, so many times we ask
as this wake grabs hold
we don't know what this has provoked
we take it on but we don't know why
we take it on where we are
and we don't hold back
all of us have our values
our ideas breed and blend
the right and wrong
the wrong, we see the wrong
not always in ourselves
and then we hate
so much we hate
we hate too much
we hate as we are hated
one image, one thought
we are none of us an amalgam of ideals
it is how we are bred
I was bred
to believe
there is too much hate
yet aren't we those
who have such opinions
lazy or privileged
yet we are not all
lazy or privileged
just as we
do not all carry
so much hate
hate is a disease
the plague, a pandemic
this is not how I want to die
I do not want to die
from being the target
of pure hatred